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este juego es muyy genialll te felicito por todooo el trabajoo : ) sigue asiii ansio la parte 2 

joy and me chapter 2 is coming

very good game, looking forward to the next chapter

You're game helped me get to where I am today. Thank You!

Nice little Game with a scary doll and a gameplay like FNAF. I want to know how the story advances, but a little more light would be nice for the scary parts. Wanna take a peek at the Gameplay?


im mad

good game I included it in my compilation


This was amazing, it really was an amazing game. Just the feeling of being hunted by Joy and how it gets harder if you take too long made it all the more immersive and more fun. The design was really scary and super well made, it really was. Just the feeling of being in that cramped room, in the dark and Joy trying to scare the player was amazing. The second part where it goes into spiky-teeth mode was even scarier and so much more fun to experience and be in that situation. 

The only thing I would suggest to improve would be to maybe have a clock or something to indicate how long it can or might take to finish, because not knowing how long you're going to keep going on (even though I thought was immersive and pretty creepy) can be not as incentivising of players to keep going till the end. Maybe even having to shine the light on a wall to see a clock or maybe a small watch/ phone you can open up to see time progression would be a neat addition to have. And maybe the more the player excessively uses the flashlight or the phone, the grumpier Joy gets. (These are just my personal thoughts, I still think the game was awesome!)

Other than that, I think the mechanics were pretty spot on and solid and you did a great job on it. And also hope you're doing well, do take care of yourself and it was super brave and strong to use something that's been effecting you like that and make it into something this great. Really great job on it and do take care of yourself!

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Hey all you manic mannequins, My name is Ryberus

STARTS AT 14:43 - 23:15


I found it kind of difficult to figure out the controls and listen for the movements but otherwise it has story, Terrifying jumpscares and sound mechanics so Id recommend it for a fun horror experience.

In chapter 2 In the same puppets Will be 1,000 Of puppets chasing after the player

I got a little mad in this video because of some glitches, but I replayed it recently and am making a new video soon beating it. Great game, still confused about the bedroom mechanics but other than that it's great. I am hyped asf for chapter 2

I really like the gameplay. It's very well made, and it did very well in making me feel scared. I did feel like it was almost too much like fnaf 4, but that is not a bad thing. 

Gotta say in terms of art style and gameplay I actually do dig this concept (feels very similar to say Fnaf 4 or Five Night's At Candy 3). The gameplay isn't bad I will say it's a little annoying not having any so of info on what to do especially with the 2nd encounter. And it would be SO NICE to have more options and maybe a counter at the top right/left telling you how long you have to survive. Ignoring that tho not bad.

This game was absolutely scary!

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I really loved this game. Crear FNAF inspiration, but it has its own style. I really think it's very admirable the fact that you made this to beat your own fears. Had a great time with this one, and I am really waiting for chapter 2.

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this was a super scary game, I highly suggest it. I will definitely play it again check out the video. 

Wow, thank you for recommending, I'll try it later


0/10 add sex




Enjoyable game, looking forward to the next chapter:

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Fun game, will definitely make a second  video. It is dificult. Hope to play future chapters when they come out!

Adding on the final part of the first game here, I hope everyone enjoys, and to play the game yourself to get a feel for it.

I have never Raged in a game Before until Joy, I swear the first time i looked at the Phone those Text DID not pop up!!!! Joy BROKE me this Time

Intense gameplay and very captivating story. I'm eagerly awaiting for the next chapters and its conclusion.


W game, might come back 2 it

Hope u enjoy my perspective on the game. Also, W GAME!


i have question why this game flies just file exe 

is this game safe or no


Look I don’t even know why I played this game, I don’t like dolls man, all and all this is a great game though, I can’t wait for the next chapter.


how is it based on REAL FACTS?


source: trust me bro


Because it's literally based in a real nightmare the creator of the game had.

I am absolutely horrified by dolls or any kind of toys that come to life. Amazing game will try and man up to play more haha 8/10

id rather play fnaf security breach #glam daddy


I got my butt handed to me on the last level. I almost ragged quit but I fought the demon doll and won! The game was solid and actually peaked my interest! I cannot wait for chapter 2! 

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I've Never Played a Fnaf Type Game Before, But Joy and Me Just Made Me A fan of Fnaf and especially JOY and ME. I had a lot of fun playing this Wistarck_Oficial Well DONE!! I WILL be returning for Chapter 2!! nor Joy or ME will be Beating FLK not today not tomorrow not even Yesterday! 100% guaranteed! 

p.s. I love you for making this game!!


"based on real..." 



From what I can gather from the author's incoherent description this is based on their experience with sleep paralysis.

so this is my second time playing this as first time i only got out the bedroom, so i continued in this video, and ended up getting no were, this video is abit of a rage compilation, i don't even know how its possible to get past this, the amount of times i had the flashlight on them and they still got me, and sometimes the speed they come at you is impossible to stop, not to mention the transition between turns takes longer than them to get you, i really enjoy this game when im not raging as it looks amazing but i think it needs abit of work, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit the sub button 

Definitely worth the play even though I raged quite a bit lol, I definitely can't wait until chapter 2 will be playing on launch.

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